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Brand and trademark registration

Brand and trademark is provided for supporting the name of any person or company by ensuring that he has the exclusive right to introduce the specified goods and services, or to allow others to use it if they pay the agreed fee with the owner of the brand. The brands can be protected and duration of this protection is different, but renewable. Trademark protection is guaranteed by law enforcement agencies that are allowed to stop them in most systems in case of violation. From another viewpoint, trademarks will expand their business and bring economic benefits to their owners globally and promote this initiative. The protection of trademark names and trademarks are to prevent the efforts of unreasoned competitors, such as fraudsters and profiteers, to use certain marks to provide inferior, low-quality or different products and services. This system provides the public with the knowledge and the possibility of investing in the production, sale of goods and services at the fairest possible conditions, and thus facilitates international trade.

Do not worry anymore about cheating or copying your brand name. By registering a trademark of a brand name, you can prevent consumers from using their products.

Everything about brand registration

What is a brand?

Brand is a name, phrase or sign or a combination of these. The purpose of creating a brand is to distinguish goods or services from other goods and services. But this mere definition cannot convey the concept of "brand". Brand is, in fact, something that anyone hearing, seeing, touching, or even tasting and smelling it can remember the specific features of the brand maker i.e. the characteristics and concepts related to a specific name. This name can be the name of a company, a store or a specific product.

A brand can be viewed from seven perspectives:

  1. Economic
  2. Identity
  3. Consumer view
  4. Personality
  5. Relationship Management
  6. Social
  7. Cultural

What is difference between trademark and brand?

A trademark is a special sign with color, shape, letter, slogan, song and specific images. The person, who registers the trademark will make that no one else has the right to use the registered name. A trademark is an image of a company or organization or its product as it is and as the owner likes other to know it. But brand is, in fact, the identity of trademark. The brand is not just a graphic concept, while, packaging, product type, product audience, quality, advertising, experience, etc. are all involved in creating a brand.

The types of Brands:

Brands have different types depending on what they are introducing. We will review some brand types:

1- Product Brand: Branding a specific product or service.

  1. Personal Brand: Like an athlete
  2. Company Brand: A company that has several products or services.
  3. Geographic brand: Like a specific city
  4. General brand: like governmental ceremonies
  5. Cultural brand: like a cultural event
  6. Religious brand: Like a mosque or church

What should we do to register a brand?

To register your brand, you can go directly to the Documents and State Registration Organization. But remember that the process is a bit long and time consuming. In addition, if you do not use skilled advisors before proceeding, you may have to change your brand several times. So, it's best to enjoy assistance of qualified people for brand registration.

What does the law tell about brand?

Articles 576 to 582 of the Iranian Commercial Code are related to brand and brand registration. This chapter of the law is called "Commercial Name", where the register of names for a business activity is addressed to the general public.

In addition, the law of patents, industrial designs and trademarks was approved by the Islamic Parliament in 1386. The third chapter of this law, talks about the registration of the trademark in full details.

Which Brand is a good one?

To register a good brand, you have to pay attention to a few things:

  1. Make Difference and Differentiation: Your brand must be different from your competitors.
  2. Conflict with the feelings of the audience: Instead of asking for a share from the pocket of the customer, get a share of her feelings.
  3. Create Brand Charisma: Try to pay attention to the values to which the clients are adhered.
  4. Create brand culture: Train your employees to know and use your brand value.
  5. Create a brand management system: Your brand must cover all the requirements of the domain.
  6. Pay attention to the changes: move with time. Respect the new interest of your audience.
  7. Create a Brand as an Investment: Remember that brand registration is a capital; not a cost.

Can we start trading business upon registering our brand?

You must register your brand so that no one else can use it or fake it. But to start a business, brand registration is not enough. You must register and start your business according to your need.

What can we do to strengthen our brand?

When you want to strengthen your brand, you have to pay attention to a few points:

  1. Expansion: Do not expedite to expand your brand-related activity! Expand your work gradually. The sudden increase in audiences can result in the dispersion and loss of your brand among the masses of activities.
  2. Abbreviations: Focus on your brand-related activities. If you focus on a particular item or items, your brand will be stronger.
  3. Fame: As far as you can, you should fame your brand and your work. One of the ways to become famous is to be "first" in your work; the first person to provide this product, or the first to introduce this product in this particular manner.
  4. Advertising: Promote your brand as much as possible so your brand is known by your name.