Private joint stock company

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A Private corporation is a company with at least 3 shareholders and 2 inspectors, i.e. a chief inspectors and the inspector’s successor. In a private joint stock company, members of the board of directors consist of at least two people. In the private joint stock company, the shareholders must open an account for the company to be established in one of the banks of the country and deposit 35% of the total capital in account of the company

Note 1: Shareholders can withdraw the said 35% deposited from the bank after registering the company.

Note 2: Inspectors of the company should not associate with any of the board members in any way.

Shareholders and members of the board may be individuals or legal entities and, if they are legal entities, they must present an individual representative letter.

In Joint stock companies, members of the board should have at least one share. 

Required Documents for Registering a Private Joint-stock Company:

  1. Copy of the national card and the identity card of all the shareholders of the members and the board of directors (equal to the original)
  2. Police Clearance evidence for members of the board of directors and inspectors.
  3. Bank certification indicating that 35% of the company's capital is paid in one of the country's banks.

How to register the company: 

Company registration steps

1- Contact Viona's lawyers and advisors

2- Deploy a lawyer specializing in registration of the company to the company's premises (free of charge).

3- Sign the contract

4- Complete the documents

5- Register on the site

6- Determine the names and signatures and related forms

7- Perform official registration of the company and obtain a registration number (by the attorney) for at least three business days

8- Completion of the work and delivery of the work at Viona Institute to the employer