Registration of Limited Liability Company

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A Limited Liability Company is a company registered by at least two or more persons for business, and each partner is only liable for the company's debt and liabilities in the amount of his capital, without dividing capital to shares or single shares (Ar. 94 of commercial code). The name of the company should contain the words limited liability, and no name of any partner shall include in the company name; otherwise, the partner shall be regarded as sponsor against third parties as in General Partnership Companies(Ar. 95 of commercial code). In a limited liability company, the amount of capital or share of the members of the company can be a subordination of the company's capital or share capital just through the action of the Managing Manager only. The minimum registered capital for limited liability companies is 1,000,000 IR R. 

Required Documents for Company Registration:

1- Copy of national card and identification card of all persons (equal to original)

2-Certificate of non-compliance only for members of the Board

 What to register with Limited Liability Company?

To register a company, please

1- Contact Viona's lawyers and advisors

2- Deploy a lawyer specializing in registration of the company to the company's premises (free of charge).

3- Sign the contract

4- Complete the documents

5- Register on the site

6- Determine the names and signatures and related forms

7- Perform official registration of the company and obtain a registration number (by the attorney) for at least three business days

8- Completion of the work and delivery of the work at Viona Institute to the employer